Zombie Fun Run


May 19, 2018

If you've no idea what a Zombie Run is, check out this one from Florida (no water obstacles in ours)

This "race" features the traditional 5k run with an untraditional twist! The infection has spread to the Marching Band/Color Guard members, alumni, and supporters causing zombies to run rampant. Our race is simple with a fun location, runners, and great zombies. See if you can save the human race by surviving with your organs (flags) intact! Your objective is to endure the 5k run, evade the infected zombies and reach the safe zone to receive: a race medal, beverage, t-shirt, and fun in the safe zone. Also a definite awesome sense of accomplishment. Can you survive?

Spectators come join the fun in the safe zone enjoying the Boosters' famous Ribeye Steak Sandwich and other menu items!!